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Facade’s Design 1994 – back to the future ;-)

Facade’s Design 1994 – back to the future ;-)

Back in my very early days of working with architecture I helped to prepare the plans for this Facade’s Design when working for Architectural Studio “Jędrzejkiwicz ” in my hometown Częstochowa.

Very colorful and enjoyable still remains me of my students days with pencils and hand drawings around.

Facade's Design 1994

Facade’s Design 1994

Design Management – Shapes with Revit Families

Design Management – Shapes with Revit Families

Exhibition in Stockholm

Exhibition in Stockholm

I prepared the design for the self storage conference in Stockholm founding the main idea around Swedish “Long Boat” and Steel Storage being the leader and winner. As the brave sailors crushing the waves and looking forward.

The result received so many positive comments so I decided to make small joke and created this funny trailer.

Hope I will make you smile:-)

Stand for the Conference in London

Stand for the Conference in London

This year our annual Self Storage Conference took place in London where Steel Storage Europe – company I’m working for is having headquarter.a_revit_2

I was asked to prepare something special for this occasion so I started to look for the ideas around and

the connections between the main subjects for this purpose.

I tried to put Steel Storage brand as the first on the line to underline its position of the leader on self storage market.

Because we are playing central role at the conference floor we had middle entrance place which I treated as Steel Storage Stand being the gate to the rest of participants.






This fact caused very interesting design requirements because of the 2 opposite directions I had to follow.

First was to put all needed information onto the stand’s elements.

Second was to great emptiness and invitation feeling of the entrance gate.



Additionally  we had implemented the most important symbols of London. The top ring based on the idea of St. Paul’s Dome was imprinted around with London’s Panorama.







The doors were embedded with the reliefs the cathedral,

the Queen and English Lion.

Transparency of the Plexiglas’s panels for both gate’s sides  gave us breath of space and shiny look.




On this short video you can see the end product of our cooperation :