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25 years

25 years

It was September 1995 when I joined 1st time our Tai Chi class back in my hometown in Poland. I didn’t know how much it will change my life. Year after year deeper and more natural, I have been becoming submerged in Tao.

This long journey has been reach in getting plenty of experience. I am greatful for all of them.

2020 is strange year. Covid changed our lifestyle. Thanx to Tai Chi It was much easier go through it. Daily practice keep you going in the right direction.

We had to cancel our International Push Hands in Prague. This year it should be 9th. Ivo Marvan had this cool mask 😷 idea, and sent the masks to the participants. Here me and Thomas:
Push hands Prague

Hopefully next year will be easier

2019 is here

2019 is here

2018 was positively crazy year.

I survived somehow and I am rather proud of myself how well I managed.

Thought it was very stressful from time to time.

Just before Christmas I visited Kraków. One of my favourite cities in Europe. It was special visit, gave me bits beauty and calmness.

See how it looked:

Zofia Polak in Krakow
Zofia Polak in Krakow

Happy New Year Folk !

Have really good one 🙂