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Black money

Black money

To warm myself up I took a part in one contest.

The subject was: Stand for “Mennica Polska” (Polish Mint) on expo in  Berlin.

The contest was design for students looking for new carrier path as expo-designers with one of polish companies designing this kind of projects. So it wasn’t designed for me but being small and interesting I was tempted to take a part. I expected my fellow competitors being brilliant and refreshing with absolute perfection in a skill of using 3d modelling software. That’s the reason I didn’t expect to win it, which of course didn’t happen but I was surprised by the projects of my competitors and preferences of the jury. But then, we know it’s better don’t talk to much about the tastes. This exercise is rather hopelessly pointless. Better I’ll leave you alone with the pictures. They always say more than 1000 words.

Below you can see my project and here is the link to the results of whole competition: http://www.exspace.pl/wyEXPOnuj/Konkurs_wyEXPOnuj_sie_Ocena_projektow.pdf



PS. If you can’t see my name on the contest list this means they still haven’t corrected their names mistake.