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I has been such a busy year… wow

So many things happening

I’m in the middle of my “Certificate in Building Information Modelling – Project Management” course, the work on all levels is crazy and I was promoted to Design Manager.

Exciting times!

Wish me luck please, I’ll try to post more often

Happy New Year Everybody :-)

Hopefully it will be good one.

Yours in peace ;-)


Zofia Polak

Happy Homes = Happy People

Happy Homes = Happy People

I always believed that the architecture has strong impact on our life.

Good architect can help us finding balance and happiness. I’m trying to take my part in this process in many different ways. For many years of my cooperation with PAB architectural studio I produced hundreds of projects, talked to people, listened to them and coordinated all aspects necessary to get them what they look for.

Pleasure :-)


Design for Barcelona Conference

Design for Barcelona Conference



Another busy summer around

Plenty of design work, preparing new stand for October event, attending tai chi camps…

A lots happening

At the moment I can show you the movie I did about our international Tai Chi camp this July:



New Graphics for Speech Therapy Kit

New Graphics for Speech Therapy Kit

We upgraded the materials for Speech Therapy Kid we did some time ago.

The project is based on original idea of neurologists, speech therapist Barbara Polak and her over 20 years of experience and my graphical translation into these training cards.

Here is an example we published recently:








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