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Architectural Hand Drawings

Architectural Hand Drawings

I visited my old architectural office and had lovely meeting with architect Janina Dunal. We have worked together for almost a decade, and done so many cool projects. At the beginning I was still drawing by hand! Can you imagine?
I must be 100 years old 🤣🤣🤣
Look at that:
#architecture #design #projects #construction

Janina Dunal
Zofia Polak

Janus & Janus

Janus & Janus

Janus & Janus – Company and Family Name 

Although Janus International (the company I am working for) is named after Roman God of doors, gates, and transitions it can be also Family name. Funny enough my great grandfather’s sister married into Janus family. Which is not a common name in Polan. Not only that. Her son Zygmunt Janus during IIWW served in RAF and all of that I discovered thanks to the history enthusiast, Gentleman leaving a few kilometres from our UK factory. Isn’t it quirky?

Here is the photo of 305 Bomber Squadron.

That’ what Neville  Bougourd discovered: L/Ac Zygmunt Janus – service number 784197 born on 27th April 1901 at Częstochowa, Poland.  He was not a pilot because he was too old.  He served with 305 Bomber Squadron but he would be nearly 40 when they were formed.  He served as a motor transport mechanic/driver and the following places were all 305 Squadron bases between August 1940 and January 1947:

RAF Bramcote, Warwickshire

RAF Syerston, Nottinghamshire

RAF Lindholme, Yorkshire

RAF Hemswell, Lincolnshire

RAF Ingham, Lincolnshire

RAF Swanton Morley, Norfolk

RAF Lasham, Hampshire

RAF Hartford Bridge, Hampshire

RAF Epinoy, France

RAF Volkel, Germany

RAF Brussels, Belgium

RAF Wahn, Germany

RAF Faldingworth, Lincolnshire

It is possible that he could have been a pilot in the War between Poland and Russia (1918-1920) but we have no records for that war

He is one of little boys on this photo taken around 1905. The gentleman staying in the middle is my grandfather Stanisław Polak, on the left his sister Jadwiga married into Janus family.



Spring began yesterday

winter gone with first part of 2016

the time is running like crazy

designs, practice, movies creation – all together happening with this speeding speed 🙂

at least I will have some confirmation of yesterday with my videos

see here how it was in Prague this month:

37 000

37 000

Happy new year everybody !

Let it be prosperous and smooth for all of us.

I finished 2015 with almost 37k of views of my YouTube movies which number I’m very happy with:) :

Overal  it was long and extremely busy year. The workload was crazy at all direction. Designs, events, meetings, movies … Wow

in the end I was happy to get a few days of Christmas break which I celebrated with nature and taking a few photographs in my favourite Kew Gardens.

it makes me to brith slower 🙂





25th Anniversary of Tai Chi Union for GB – movie

25th Anniversary of Tai Chi Union for GB – movie

On 3rd and 4th of October we have been to 25th Anniversary of Tai Chi Union for Great Britain
The major even was hold in Horsham with many great teachers and superb organization.
I created this movie to show overall atmosphere and spectrum of celebration:

It is always nice to get positive response and when it’s happening in French it’s even better 🙂

Managing, co-organizing & developing

Managing, co-organizing & developing

Managing, co-organizing & developing

This September we run 4th International Push Hands meeting in Prague.
As a part of international Tai Chi meetings chain we always try to do our best and make all teachers and students happy.
I enjoy to be a part of organizers team. Sometimes it goes smoothly, sometimes it is challenging and always very satisfying.
As you can see on the group photo Prague is beautifully and all attendances look happy 🙂 2015 2015

Next year will be 5th one !