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Expo – Zebrabox in Revit

Expo – Zebrabox in Revit

Here is very good example how design – production – cooperation can work in a prosper of everybody:

I’ve designed this exposition – project for the company named Zebra-box

as a proposition for an exhibition using their zebra pattern as main motive.

Steven White prepared his proposition:

Client added his suggestions and opinions, Arkadiusz Stefaniuk of  Steel Storage factory produced them and we’ve got this result:

Well done guys 🙂

Helena & Adam Michel

Helena & Adam Michel

About Them:

Helena & Adam Michel are interior architects and archaeologists. Their homepage is to showcase their design proposals and portfolio. You can find there some of their CAD draftings, 3D models, 3D visualizations and 3D animations.



Very interesting!

Enjoy watching 🙂