2019 is here

2019 is here

2018 was positively crazy year.

I survived somehow and I am rather proud of myself how well I managed.

Thought it was very stressful from time to time.

Just before Christmas I visited Kraków. One of my favourite cities in Europe. It was special visit, gave me bits beauty and calmness.

See how it looked:

Zofia Polak in Krakow
Zofia Polak in Krakow

Happy New Year Folk !

Have really good one 🙂

Stairs to Heaven

Stairs to Heaven

Few days ago, in between of studding BIM, working, practicing Tai Chi and strangling to find time for anything more,  I saw this magnificent design.

In Château de La Rochefoucauld in1520, Anne de la Rochefoucauld built the galleries and staircase in a renaissance style inspired by the Leonardo Da Vinci drawings given to her by the king of France.

The result is breath taking




I has been such a busy year… wow

So many things happening

I’m in the middle of my “Certificate in Building Information Modelling – Project Management” course, the work on all levels is crazy and I was promoted to Design Manager.

Exciting times!

Wish me luck please, I’ll try to post more often

Happy New Year Everybody 🙂

Hopefully it will be good one.

Yours in peace 😉


Zofia Polak