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New Graphics for Speech Therapy Kit

New Graphics for Speech Therapy Kit

We upgraded the materials for Speech Therapy Kid we did some time ago.

The project is based on original idea of neurologists, speech therapist Barbara Polak and her over 20 years of experience and my graphical translation into these training cards.

Here is an example we published recently:








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Facade’s Design 1994 – back to the future ;-)

Facade’s Design 1994 – back to the future ;-)

Back in my very early days of working with architecture I helped to prepare the plans for this Facade’s Design when working for Architectural Studio “J─Ödrzejkiwicz ” in my hometown Cz─Östochowa.

Very colorful and enjoyable still remains me of my students days with pencils and hand drawings around.

Facade's Design 1994

Facade’s Design 1994

Exhibition in Stockholm

Exhibition in Stockholm

I prepared the design for the self storage conference in Stockholm founding the main idea around Swedish “Long Boat” and Steel Storage being the leader and winner. As the brave sailors crushing the waves and looking forward.

The result received so many positive comments so I decided to make small joke and created this funny trailer.

Hope I will make you smile:-)

Tulip Staircase

Tulip Staircase

The Tulip Stairs and lantern at the Queen’s House in Greenwich by Inigo Jones are constant inspiration for me.

tulip stairs

Inigo Jones created this simplistic beauty in XVII century and it stays unbeatable for all those years in between greenish spread Greenwich.

So beautiful …





I have decide to play with the idea of his Tulip staircase and that firs result produced with Revit :


Design Management

Design Management

Design Management is very important part of CAD departments works.

Lately I was improving our Auto-Cad template and realized once more how necessary is to pay attention to the detail.

Each part has to be looked into and double checked carefully.

This is the end product – The template working as the structure for the drawings and at the same time the tool to keep our customers happy and interested:

auto cad template