New Design – Old Story

New Design – Old Story

Do you remember Attic story?

After having all of those “situations” and my design on BBC the client came back to us and asked me for another proposal to his new building…and it looks this time we are going to win it!

Here is my initial sketch for the elevations:

attic-york-way-entrance attic-york-way-rondo

We already changed this proposal to something more financially acceptable but I like the this idea of clear and pure line.

I’ll let you know how it progress 🙂

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  1. I hope they will stay with your design, it looks really good
    And I’m sure it would improve the look of this poor street
    Good luck Zofia it could be nice sign of you in London 🙂

  2. This is the most unsympathetic design i have ever seen. As a resident on this street living in a victorian terrace i am not sure how you have considered the local environment and surroundings when designing this eyesore. We have a beautiful park on Market Road as well as a vibrant community. Perhaps you should have consulted the community about what we want our environment to look like. We are just a few minutes from the iconic Central Saint Martins building which is helping to redevelop Kings Cross, this building will take us back years! Im not sure how a vibrant green and tomato red building block type structure better suited to an industrial estate will benefit this street. It will only affect the housing market on this street and we will oppose this design as much as we can. It is sad that businesses like this never think about the environment they are going into and are totally ignorant to the level of developments that are currently taking shape in Kings Cross. I’m not sure how as an architect you can’t take into consideration the surrounding buildings!

    • Hi Suzanne,
      thank you for your comment and concern.
      My proposal was the sketch only.
      I’m not in control of it.
      Hopefully your local authorities will take care of residents wishes and future look of the area.
      It needs that.
      I understand different opinions and tastes.
      Sometime it is hard to agree. Surrounding buildings would appreciate a lot of renovation in my opinion.
      In any case I wish you all the best
      Kind regards

    • I know this area and building well. It looks like it looks.. unfortunately.
      A bit of clean space, color and shiny glass would help a lot.
      That’s a pity they won’t use your design Zofia
      I imagine this could bright/refresh the place a lot

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