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New Design – Old Story

New Design – Old Story

Do you remember Attic story?

After having all of those “situations” and my design on BBC the client came back to us and asked me for another proposal to his new building…and it looks this time we are going to win it!

Here is my initial sketch for the elevations:

attic-york-way-entrance attic-york-way-rondo

We already changed this proposal to something more financially acceptable but I like the this idea of clear and pure line.

I’ll let you know how it progress 🙂

Facade’s Design 1994 – back to the future ;-)

Facade’s Design 1994 – back to the future ;-)

Back in my very early days of working with architecture I helped to prepare the plans for this Facade’s Design when working for Architectural Studio “Jędrzejkiwicz ” in my hometown Częstochowa.

Very colorful and enjoyable still remains me of my students days with pencils and hand drawings around.

Facade's Design 1994

Facade’s Design 1994

Helena & Adam Michel

Helena & Adam Michel

About Them:

Helena & Adam Michel are interior architects and archaeologists. Their homepage is to showcase their design proposals and portfolio. You can find there some of their CAD draftings, 3D models, 3D visualizations and 3D animations.



Very interesting!

Enjoy watching 🙂

Revit in progress – Hells Mouth

Revit in progress – Hells Mouth

There is such a place on the cost of Cornwall named Hells Mouth.

I’ve found it by chance and thought that it would be great place to build care home for old sailors.

So here I am with beginning of my project:

First sketch:

Project is in progress – so you need to wait for next renderings. They will come soon.