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Tulip Staircase

Tulip Staircase

The Tulip Stairs and lantern at the Queen’s House in Greenwich by Inigo Jones are constant inspiration for me.

tulip stairs

Inigo Jones created this simplistic beauty in XVII century and it stays unbeatable for all those years in between greenish spread Greenwich.

So beautiful …





I have decide to play with the idea of his Tulip staircase and that firs result produced with Revit :


The sound of Gotye

The sound of Gotye

The music by Gotye and his attitude to the sound  impressed me so much I could not stop thinking about it.

Though my blog is designed rather to show people playing with visual stuff, Gotye is combining all of it. Music, lyric and image is becoming unity.

He kindly allowed me to publish this small post. Thank you Wally.

Look and enjoy – Wouter “Wally” De Backer at work:

If only more people could get themselves  onto that level of creativity our world would be a grand place.

But as for time being : Thanks for what’s happening 🙂



I’ve found today this homepage:

Plenty of very interesting stuff here.


Her name is Cindy Vriend, 36 year old graphic designer and illustrator from the Netherlands. Started her career 15 years ago. Now working part-time at a design company and besides that running her own business. She has an unlimited passion for her work and great interest in all the beautiful and creative aspects that inspire me in her work.

Watch and enjoy 🙂

Helena & Adam Michel

Helena & Adam Michel

About Them:

Helena & Adam Michel are interior architects and archaeologists. Their homepage is to showcase their design proposals and portfolio. You can find there some of their CAD draftings, 3D models, 3D visualizations and 3D animations.


Very interesting!

Enjoy watching 🙂

Marta Dunal- Graphic & Design

Marta Dunal- Graphic & Design

Marta Dunal- Graphic & Design

From interior design trough photos and graphics.

Watch and enjoy:


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