Berlin Exhibition

Berlin Exhibition

Famous Berlin Wall as lead motive for this year exhibition

check the renderings of my idea:

Berlin-1stBerlin-2ndZofia Polak

Leading theme: Berlin Wall = memorial landscape = the idea of overcoming difficulties to build the space for NEW creation = Turning ambitions into reality

2 parts of stand represent 2 companies working together to achieve common goal, the most important for our customers: success of their business.
Main connection: top of the walls and tables covered with “border poles signing” with one company’s name following another again and again. Customers can choose what’s better for them.
This type of stripes are also used by servicing and rescuing institutions which suggest us offering helping hand.

“Walls” can be covert with printed texture of actual concrete of Berlin’s wall and graffiti. (Proposed graphics can be changed if better options would be found)
The logos of both companies will be placed at the top of each wall with possible variation on each side.
“Turning ambitions into reality” will be at the centre of eye’s concentration point just under the logos written in a kind of handwriting way.

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