Design for Barcelona Conference

Design for Barcelona Conference

After whole process, months of fine-tuning the details, meetings, dealing with challenges and adding requested amendments, last week my design for the event in Barcelona Conference became alive.

This year  was special. I had to combine 2 brands in one stand with the message of successful collaboration for European market. I had a few different ideas but the winner was “2 towers stand”.

One tower of Janus International and one for Steel Storage Europe with the “arms-tables” carrying European maps.
Though I had to omit a few elements crucial to my designer’s mind, it was still a pleasure to recieve such a fantastic reviews on my idea, design and the end product

You can see bellow the renderings of my first design and the photos of real shape brought to life by excellent Arkadiusz Stefaniuk

dsc03345 dsc03371 dsc03438 dsc03439 dsc03461 dsc03477 dsc03484 dsc03524 dsc03551img_2057

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